It’s About Softball

If you are coaching a softball team, make sure to pay attention to your players when you put them in some softball drills. The drills that you are implementing would not be effective if you don’t watch them. You will not be able to see what’s happening and will not be able to correct their mistakes.

Thus, you should not be laid back as a coach of a softball team. Never underestimate your opponents and not do anything during the practice drills of your team. If you don’t want to see your opponents become best from being worst and your team being left behind, start implementing some softball drills and be present all the time during practice. You have to set a benchmark for your team because you are their mentor. It is important that you lead not only by example, but with the right example. Learn to possess the right attitudes in order to become an effective coach.

Furthermore, make sure that you monitor the progress of each of your players when it comes to their skills and overall game. You have to put into practice some softball drills as they are vital aspects in your team’s practice. It has been proven that the best and most effective way to teach softball drills is a hands-on demonstration. A lot of softball coaches and players can attest to its effectiveness. You have to teach your softball players the right stance in batting. It is a skill they have to develop in order to become a great softball player. They can learn form your examples, but it will be more effective if you teach them hands-on and let them try it themselves so they can have a feel of it. You can start by showing then the correct way of holding the bat, the right way of hitting the ball, and the proper pitching techniques.

Afterwards, you let your players apply all the stuff you taught them in their game. It is also important that you take notice of the position of your player’s eyes, hips, shoulders, knees and feet. This is also a great way to determine who among your players have a great potential and those who need more training. You can only do this if you continuously assess their performances during your softball drills. Another great way to learn softball techniques is to let your players watch some videos of professional players. Your team will be able to witness how the pros do it. They can also pick up some strategies and skills when it comes to pitching and hitting. But showing the videos can only be effective if your players are discussing all the stuff they see while it is playing.

You would know if your players understood what they saw in the videos if you ask them and let them explain and execute it. Of course, if videos are not available, you can always use the chalk board in teaching some important softball drills.


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